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Case activation/deactivation

Case activation/deactivation is a global option and overrides other area restrictions available in the program. Cases (rows) indicated as deactivated are shaded in the datasheet and do not participate in statistical analyses.

To activate or deactivate selected cases, select one of the following options:

  • select the rows in the datasheet and choose Activate/Deactivate from the context menu on their name;
  • select menu EditActivate/Deactivate (filter)…

EXAPLE (filter.pqs file)

We are going to do a lot of statistical analyses, on the data from the filtr.pqs file. These analyses are not to apply to boys who are 16 years old or older. To do this, we specify the rows that the analysis will not apply to: select the button and set a rule for the gender variable; again, select the button and set a rule for the age variable. Remember: to perform this task correctly, all filter conditions should be connected by conjunction (this is indicated by the ). Leave the Disable option selected and confirm the analysis conditions set this way with OK.

When narrowing the datasheet workspace, remember that filter rules can be connected by conjunction or alternative. To change the alternative and conjunction, use the buttons

More examples of how to use the filter can be found here. To activate all cases, select the menu EditActivate all

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