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Adding, removing and exporting datasheets

The first blank datasheet is opened automatically with a new project.

Subsequent datasheets can be added to the project via:

  • menu FileNew datasheet (Ctrl+D)
  • New datasheet button in the Project Manager.

Datasheets can be deleted via:

  • context menu Delete Sheet (Shift+Del) on the name of a datasheet in the Navigation tree,
  • button →Delete in the Project Manager, if a datasheet is selected.

Note, however, that if you have reports or a map attached to a datasheet, deleting the datasheet also deletes any reports/maps assigned to it. Datasheets can be described in the Project Manager by adding a name, title or a note. Data sheets created in PQStat can be exported to csv, txt , dbf and xls formats. Exporting data is done in the Project Manager via the button→Seve Sheet to…, if a datasheet is selected.

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